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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Pete's Veggie Patch at the Botanical Gardens, Hobart...

This resting spot is at the back of the Conservatory....

and then you are in Pete's Veggie Patch.  Just like at home, except for the pumpkin, but not too many of us have raised beds.

About once a month, in the Casino, I would order roast beef for supper and it was always cooked with pumpkin and potatoes - very good.

I did not see canned pumpkin here in Hobart, and no pumpkin pies at the bakery.  At the store, you would buy pumpkin already sliced.  

In the fall, I was visiting, and a ripe tomato ended up in my pocket - delicious.
Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Inside the Conservatory at the Botanical Garden, Hobart....

The Conservatory was quite big, with hundreds and hundreds of flowers. 

I often ate my lunch here.  Other people were reading or visiting.

Not only was it beautiful, it was also very peaceful.

As I often went during the week, lots of times I had the Conservatory to myself. 

This is their centerpiece - next blog, Pete's Veggie Patch...

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

On Christmas Day in Hobart...

On Christmas Day, I took the bus out to the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens – and was most impressed.  The Gardens are laid out in a stately, English fashion.  The displays are incredible, the views are breath taking, and the Garden was free.

The Gardens had a restaurant, but a bit expensive, so when I went after that, I would either buy lunch in town or take something from home.   You might as well eat outside in Hobart’s most beautiful spot. 

I noticed that on Christmas Day, there were lots of picnics.

When I was ready to go, I met a young Korean, and she was walking back to town.  So we walked back together - she was staying at one of the hostels.  This was about a 25 minute walk back to downtown, and then I took the bus to Sandy Bay. 

For the next blog, I am putting up pictures from the Gardens.   You too will be most impressed.


Photos belong to Jaro Franta and Dorothy Lloyd.


Friday, 23 December 2011

It is now Christmas Eve in Hobart...

A majestic church - St. David’s Cathedral - welcomes you as you walk downtown. 
The Cathedral is open every day.  You can go in, take lots of pictures, and visit with the volunteers.      

Sometimes, as you were walking downtown, you would hear the organ playing and again, you can go in and visit with the organist.    

The first 3 pews were dedicated to The Governor, The Bishop and The Dean.

So on Christmas Eve, the Chinese girl, her mother, and I went to the Cathedral.  The service celebrated Christmas and was beautiful.

Such a nice summer night but, unfortunately, the Cathedral was only about half full.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

In Hobart, when it rained, it rained…

It rained for three days straight.  It would stop raining for about an hour, so you could walk down and get groceries, but still pretty cloudy out.  And, of course, with a tin roof, you really heard the rain.

I had two skylights on my roof, one over my bed and one over the couch.  Sometimes, on a clear night, I would lie in bed and gaze at the stars.  But, if it was a hot afternoon, the sun would beat in and usually drove me outside. 

One morning, during the rain, I got out of bed and stepped into water.  I thought it was a skylight leaking, but it turned out to be the brick wall.   I fetched my landlady, and she came over with a bucket and mop.   Eventually, the sun came out and dried everything up. 
Then, over the next week, she fixed the tin roof to stop the leak.  This is my neighbour's house and her house - I think with 100 year old houses, you are always fixing something.  Like she said, “Let’s hope that it stops raining….”

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

I lived a block from Sandy Bay Road in Hobart...

This is what I would see when I walked down to Sandy Bay Road.

 I often went to Sandy Bay Bakery.  If you go out to eat, it is more money then here because their minimum wage is a lot higher that ours.  On the other hand, you do not tip. 

Maybe only cross at the lights because the traffic is flowing opposite to home.  This indent of shops is right in front of the red car. 

Sandy Bay Road was the main road, and I would walk it, one way for downtown, the other way to the Casino. 

Everything was here – groceries, drug stores, coffee shops, restaurants, shopping.  I am from a small town, so I really enjoyed seeing the people and the shops. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Meet some Australians in Hobart...

These pictures were taken at the Casino from their Riverside Snacks balcony. 

It was raining out, so I decided to take the bus down to the Casino and have some supper.  Normally, I would walk down, but it was cold out.   At the Casino, in their Riverside Snacks, you can get a half order of English fish & chips for $5.50 - what a deal!  Just ask for water, because there was coffee on the floor.  This is for people of legal gambling age, so no children.

There was an older couple, Shirley and Lindsay Crome, whom I had seen before, sitting there.  It was very cold in the room, so we exchanged comments, and they invited me over.  After that, I was in like Flynn with all their friends.  

Two or three times a week, we would meet in the Casino or downtown in a Chinese restaurant.  Twice a week, Lindsay drove seniors to their medical appointments.  They were a classy couple, and I enjoyed their company.   What was nice is that they were not on the computer, so they wrote me in Canada - it is so nice to get a letter from Australia. 
I met their friend, Geoff, and the four of us would go upstairs on Tuesday nights and play Trivia.  We would often get the booby prize, but still fun for us.  
Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

There are many interesting walks in Hobart...

When I walked downtown, I would cut through St. David's Park.  I would cross Sandy Bay Road at the lights, go by this office building, and into the Park. 

It was about a 30 minute walk downtown.  Usually I stopped at the gym, which was just before the park. 

Lots of statues...

On a hot day, walking home, I was always glad to come to the park because of the shade trees.  So even though it only takes about 10 minutes to walk through, you have a beautiful setting with a touch of history. 

On another path in the park, Hobart has put up these old headstones - very interesting.

The first white, male child born in Tasmania.

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

I think that you will be safe in Hobart…

I am from a small town in northern Alberta, so very interesting to move to a city. 

My door locks were worn out , so after the first two nights, I stopped locking my door.
There was a back entrance to the garage, and the dog would sleep there.  The dog was old, and hard of hearing, but she could certainly bark.  The garage door (which, when opened, would partially face the street) was up for over 3 days, and I still never locked my door. 
There were two parking gates, and an entrance gate, and they were never locked.  

Every Wednesday night, I played poker at the Casino.  The game started at 7 o’clock, I would play to about 10, and then go for fish & chips.  So then I always took a cab home.  The fare was about $8.00 but I always gave them $10 and asked them to wait until I opened the gate.  Not that it wasn’t safe, but sometimes, if it was raining, the gate stuck and I could hardly open it.   

In March, the Chinese girl and I went to a fireworks festival.  Then, after the show, hundreds of us walked into downtown Hobart, and then we went to the bus depot.  But the bus had stopped running - so the two of us walked through St. David’s Park and down Sandy Bay Road at around midnight, and felt totally safe. 

Photos belong to Dorothy Lloyd.